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Studio Connection’s ‘BLACK STAR’ cable system is available now.

Developed to be the best in home audio, Black Star was perfected in installations of world class studios, theatres, mastering and home systems. BLACK STAR has evolved from our already highly acclaimed Abbey Road cable to become the most respected cable system with critical home audio enthusiasts and professionals all over the world.


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The new BLACK STAR cables are our finest. By providing a whole controlled environment they dramatically improve how realistic and present great recordings are reproduced.


Awarded Outstanding Product of the Year by HI Fi Pig [full review PDF], Carbon Screened Power cable is an extraordinarily effective way of improving your system.


Recommended by highly regarded professionals, Alan Sircom has given this range a great review.

Olivier award to production cabled with BLACK STAR

Sound quality is central to the success of a production in musical theatre. It’s great that this production has won an Olivier award; it shows that the BLACK STAR performance is right up there, even in the most demanding environments. [ read full article]

by Mastering Engineer of the year, Matt Coulton

“With the entire system running with Black Star the effect on the sound stage was breathtaking. It is the cleanest, clearest sounding cable and imparts less of itself on the audio signal than anything else that I’ve heard, and that’s what its bringing to my studio.”; Matt Coulton(Coldplay, Muse, George Michael, Peter Gabriel, James Blake) Mastering Engineer and Director, Alchemy Mastering [See FULL REVIEW pdf]



How good cabling increases system resolution: – a simple explanation:

A key function of a cabling system is to anchor all the kit together and prevent electrical disturbance between components. This means providing good grounding and stopping any noise coming between source and target devices.

The effect that disturbance has on resolution is just like with a telescope: If you hold a telescope by hand, then you see rough detail; if you mount it on a firm, vibration free base, the detail becomes steady and clear.

This spectacular image was taken with a very ordinary, domestic amateur 8” telescope; but it was mounted on a 5 ton concrete base: This resolution is worthy of NASA! and is a clear illustration of how even lower specification systems can benefit from a good cabling infrastructure, and why a high specification systems needs it.

Just like a dark star, one of Studio Connections BLACK STAR Cable System’s key features is preventing noise from radiating in the system. This provides the platform for your system components to perform together with breathtaking resolution.

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Household cable cannot improve the cabling from the power station and up the street, so how does it affect sound?

Featured question for our Simple Answers Feature May/June 2017, by Michael Whiteside, designer.

Studio Connections: From Abbey Road to Black Star…

“‘Why does sound loose its real quality as soon as it is recorded?’ –  I asked this as a recording engineer over 30 years ago, and this still underpins our product research”; Michael Whiteside, designer.

Studio Connection’s work in recording, theatre and home cabling is regarded globally as exemplary; evolving from the Abbey Road Cable we developed for the studios, our cables have the respect of the most critical people in the audio world. Now we are proud to launch our finest cable system ever, ‘Black Star’.

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