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Feature for May/June 2017

Household cable cannot improve the cabling from the power station and up the street, so how does it affect sound?

I was asked how a few metres of power cable can impact cabling from the power station and up the street. Well, it doesn’t. Yet power cable has a huge impact on system performance, and here’s why:

When a surveyor uses theodolite, its resolution depends on the stability of the tripod and the ground;-ground tremors or tripod vibration come between theodolite telescope and target, and so reduce resolution.

Similarly the resolution with which audio information is transferred from one item in a system to another is dependent on how stable the relationship between kit is. If the mains system provides a stable link and eliminates noise and electrical resonance between chassis, then audio is transferred with high resolution.

And the thing about power station cabling? The theodolite and its target work with high resolution despite spinning on the globe and around the sun at 460 meters per second. Whilst the link between source and target is stable then resolution is maintained, despite what happens outside the system.

Similarly, whilst the cable structure connecting audio equipment together is made to be stable, noise reducing and resonance free, resolution is maintained. And this is exactly what Studio Connections Cable does.

Studio Connections


The new BLACK STAR cables are our finest. By providing a whole controlled environment they dramatically improve how realistic and present great recordings are reproduced.


Awarded Outstanding Product of the Year by HI Fi Pig [full review PDF], Carbon Screened Power cable is an extraordinarily effective way of improving your system.

Stories from the studio…

A monthly interview or topical feature from people working in pro-audio

great audio is all around us – its real sound- but to capture and experience the it replayed with all the essence, emotion, presence and atmosphere in the sound involves more than a good system. Even a simple sound like two glass clinking is hard to really capture, let alone all the emotion of voice. This is the challenge of skilled people, performers, microphone builder, recording engineers, mastering engineers, and so on – all the way to the choice of where to have your system.

We work with all these professions in the mission to get re-create really amazing sound. Every month we are interviewing some of the best, and asking them, what for them, is the most critical aspects of recording.

We start with our own story: If you want to ask any questions about features; StoriesFromTheStudio

Our Story

The technology behind BLACK STAR encapsulates all the gems of knowledge and science we have gleaned over 35 years working with professionals and brings it to you home.

Michael Whiteside, founder of Studio Connections, started working as a recording and technical engineer in studios in 1980 when analogue recording was at it vangarde, and digital began to develop. Notably he has built three of the main studios at EMI Abbey Road, recording facilties at King’s College in Cambridge and headed up technical services for Harman International Industries and TEAC in the UK

Throughout his career, Michael has had one question at the heart of his work “‘What is it that sound loses the quality of being ‘real’ as soon as it is recorded?’. He says “If we could answer this question, then our experience of reproduced sound could take on a whole new realm of pleasure. So how real we can create the record and replay sound to appear is very much the compass that we guide our product research”

Studio Connection’s work in recording, theatre and home cabling is regarded globally as exemplary; evolving from the Abbey Road Cable we developed for the studios, our cables have the respect of the most critical people in the audio world. Now we are proud to launch our finest cable system ever, ‘Black Star’.

…more Musical Tales to come…

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Home User

We will also feature some enthusiast to professional interview, and apply some of the physics behind seemingly un-explainable audio phenomena.