What the Press and Audio Professionals Say

Along with respected audio reviewers, some of the world’s most eminent producers and recording professionals who use Studio Connections cable write about the contribution the cable makes to their recordings.

OLIVIER AWARDED to production cabled with ‘BLACK STAR’
Sound quality is central to the success of a production in musical theatre. It’s great that this production has won an Olivier award; it shows that the BLACK STAR performance is right up there, even in the most demanding environments. National Theatre of Scotland’s production of ‘Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour’ is on at the Duke of York’s theatre, until September 2nd. [read full article]

BLACK STAR – Full review by ‘Mastering Engineer of the Year’, Matt Colton
Studio Connections ‘Black Star’ is the cleanest, clearest sounding cable, and imparts less of itself on the audio signal than anything else that I’ve heard, and that’s what its bringing to my studio. Matt Colton, Alchemy Mastering: Coldplay, Muse, James Blake, George Michael, Peter Gabriel, Manic Street Preachers, Leftfield and Flume. [See FULL REVIEW pdf]

Customer Feedback: Black Star and Carbon Screened Power cable
“These cables have BLOWN me away !!! I sat down and put on a series of Direct to disc Cut LPs Chasing the Dragon Audiophile Recording and could not believe what was coming out of my speakers !! “ Chris L, Perth, Australia [read full article]

Customer Feedback: Black Star

“Black Star is unbelievable in the way it transformed my system; I feel like I have come to the end of my audio journey, and now I am just loving the music.” Andy P, Surrey, UK

Hi Fi Pig CARBON SCREENED POWER – Awarded ‘Outstanding Product’ BY Dan worth and Dominic Marsh

“The entire loom made complete musical sense to me and flow and sculpture of the soundstage was fantastic.”Dan Worth
“I couldn’t find any cable that could directly compare with the Studio Connections Carbon Screened Power cord…these cables offer tremendous value for money.” Dominic Marsh. [see PDF]

HiFi+ STUDIO CONNECTIONS cable – Review of our range of cables Full review by Alan Sircom

….you need cables that don’t do anything to the sound except transmit it as fast and as clean as possible, hence the ‘blameless reference point’ comment. Studio Connections is about as blameless as its possible to get.”

“Studio Connections cables are basically letting your system do all the things its supposed to do, and if that system sings, Studio Connections will help it sing in key.”

“Studio Connections is currently one of the cheapest ways to get into the true disappearing class of top-end audio. Highly recommended!” [see PDF]

BBC Music magazine’s Michael Brook’s 5 STAR review:

“Back-to-back tests against my off-the-peg- cables revealed a significant improvement in audio quality. If the dream is to capture the essence of a live performance, the Platinum interconnects certainly took me a step closer to achieving that goal.

It’s generally acknowledged that speakers make the biggest single difference to a system, but to squeeze out those last ounces of performance, you’ll ideally need a set of these.”[see PDF]