Customer Feeback

Christopher L, Perth, Western Australia

Hi Michael

These cables have BLOWN me away !!! I sat down and put on a series of Direct to disc Cut LPs Chasing the Dragon Audiophile Recording and could not believe what was coming out of my speakers !! A sense of realism from the instruments being played with purpose as the composer intends his music to be communicated to the audience!!

That’s what I have not ever heard from my system Before !! Violins and Cellos when the bow is pushed or pulled across the strings you can really hear the grittyness of it, which I could hear on my silver solid cables but with the black star cables it’s that much more noticeable !!

On live Concert Recording it almost feel as though I was at St John’s Smith Square London or Listening to Diana Krall Live in Paris you can feel the piano keys being struck hard or soft with well defined sustain of notes you get a real feel of the atmosphere with live audience when applauding.

When I put the cables on my Marantz CD-17 KI signature player it’s although if it was a brand new player, when I played Pat Metheny Bright Size Life (AAD recording), you can hear from the CDs there’s more sense of space and liveliness between instruments, drums symbols are much more shimmering when they are hit and on the ride symbols on the round bell area you can tell whether it’s hit on bottom or the top where the wing nut locks the symbol in place, Jaco Pastorius fretless bass guitar is much more distinctly defined and controlled amongst other instruments!! unbelievable detailing of instruments coming out of my Klipsch Reference speakers which were intended to be used for surround sounds.

I’ve been quite impressed with the Carbon Power Cables it seems to have corrected an issue I had with my Marantz pre Amp which can receive internet radio DAB on which the left channel was distorted and slight lost of sound compared to the right channel, originally I thought it was the power Amp, but with slow process of elimination I thought It was either the pre Amp module where the Ethernet cable plugged in or it was just the broadcast I was receiving which I can’t do anything about it anyway but when I plugged your carbon power cables into the Marantz pre Amp I couldn’t believed it had corrected the problem, I could receive both channels crystal clear, not really sure how it could’ve fix it but I’m glad it has cause I was thinking it was the pre Amp itself…

I’ve been most impressed with the performance of the Black Star interconnect cables with it working on my Rega P6, Marantz CD-17 player and Marantz SACD player. I will be keeping The 3 Carbon Power Cables as well, it seem to work well with it connected to the Pre Amp, Power and the power supply for the phono stage.

It’s been great trying the carbon power cables out on my system and hearing an improvement, I will definitely be purchasing at least another 1m length RCA and maybe an XLR cable if I decide to purchase the Vincent pre Amp to go with the Vincent Power Amp and another 2 Carbon Power Cables at a later stage
When I’m ready

Kind Regards
Christopher Liew