Olivier Award to Production Cabled with Black Star

Everything we do at Studio Connections is about natural sounding, enjoyable musical systems in your home. Like any science, to achieve this at its best takes extreme testing. To get under the skin of what makes a system sing we researched and tested our Black Star cable system in extreme places; theatres, recording studios, mastering suites and high resolution home systems.

Sound quality is central to the success of a production in musical theatre, but the theatre is also a relentlessly unforgiving environment. Despite the complex requirements of live performances, natural, musical sound production is paramount, so it’s a great place to research cable behaviour.

We developed Black Star whilst working with a leading theatre sound production company, setting out to get the best audio quality achieved for any show, and pushing the limits to unheard levels. Literally. It was soon clear that we had reached a ceiling where the limit was no longer the cable or system components themselves, but how all the components worked together. To get beyond this we had to develop Black Star as a structured cable system that eliminates disturbances whilst providing sonic integrity and no cable artefact perceivable in the sound.

Indeed, the black Star cable system brought out the peak performance of all the audio gear and had it work together like it never could before, achieving natural audio and image that is musical beyond anything we have could attain before.

It’s great that the National Theatre of Scotland’s production of ‘Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour’ has won an Olivier award, and because we’ve used ‘Black Star’ across the entire rig it shows that the cable performance is right up there, even in the most demanding environments.

The National Theatre of Scotland’s production of ‘Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour’ is on at the Duke of York’s theatre, until September 2nd.